PXMC - Portable, highly eXtendable Motion Control library

Project source code at GitLab https://gitlab.com/pikron/sw-base/pxmc/

git clone git@gitlab.com:pikron/sw-base/pxmc.git

The PXMC is Portable, highly eXtendable Motion Control library and system core. The PXMC project started as the next generation, ground up rewrite of motion control systems used and evolved at PiKRON Ltd. company. The previous generation of the code has been used in MARS-2 motion control units. The variants of the new code have been used successfully on many targets for robotic, laboratory and medical instruments. The library development is lead and coordinated by PiKRON company developers. The core of the motion system and complete HW/SW know how has been provided even to CTU university for building motion controllers for Eurobot competition by Flamingos team and other projects and CTU contributed some code back to the project as well but initial cooperation objectives has not been realized.

The next platforms has been tested with version of the PXMC core code at PiKRON Ltd: